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Fireworks, music and the pursuit of hot dogs will today mark the 242nd year of independence for the United States on what is expected to be a steamy day in much of the country.
The Independence Day holiday, which brings out crowds from small towns to big cities, is also a time when law enforcement agencies are on the alert for suspicious activity as Officials are taking precautions but have not detected any credible security threats following the arrest of an American-born Ohio man on Sunday on suspicion of planning to detonate a bomb at Cleveland’s Fourth of July celebrations.
ACCORDING TO THE U.S NATIONAL ARCHIVES, The holiday marks the adoption of the Declaration of Independence by congressional delegates in Philadelphia on THE 4TH OF July, 1776 although the actual signing of the document did not occur until THE 2ND OF August.
The document ALSO declared the nation’s independence from Great Britain, AND advanced the cutting-edge notion that all men are created equal and that they have rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
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