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UPDATE: Kevin Hart Leaves Hospital For Rehab Facility

Kevin Hart has reportedly finally left the hospital and is now doing some serious physical therapy at a live-in rehab facility after suffering “major” injuries in a car wreck. Sources close to the actor has revealed he is now out of the hospital after the unfortunate car crash ten days ago when the car he was riding in veered off the road and crashed in a ditch, crushing the roof of the car.

Kevin is reportedly “glad” to get out of the Los Angeles hospital, according to sources and said he’s just so happy to be alive.

“I’m grateful to be alive,” the source added that Hart shared, while explaining that the goal is to get him home “as soon as possible” so he can start outpatient care.

The comedian had to undergo surgery to “fuse the fractures, two in the thoracic part of his spine and one in the lumbar,” sources revealed.

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