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Khafi Faces Sack for ‘Having Sex’ on Big Brother Naija

Khafi Kareem, one of the Pepper Dem housemates, 2019 Big Brother Naija, reportedly defied her bosses at the Metropolitan Police to appear in the ongoing reality TV show which started airing on the 30th of June, 2019.

Khafi worked as a translator and a spotter for a female genital mutilation team looking for possible victims at airports. But she was said to have been moved after clashes with colleagues. After being granted unpaid leave, she asked to go on Nigeria’s Big Brother but her request was refused. Nonetheless, pictures appeared on websites promoting Big Brother Naija: Pepper Dem showing the PC in her uniform while she is billed as a talented dancer and singer.

A Met spokesman said last night: “The Met is aware that the officer has since appeared on the show without authority. The Directorate of Professional Standards has been informed and will be carrying out an investigation into the circumstances.

“The Met does not support the officer’s appearance nor does she represent the Met whilst appearing on the show.

“All officers have a duty to behave with professionalism and in a manner that does not bring the Met into disrepute whether on or off duty.

“Those who do not behave professionally risk breaching police standards of professional behaviour, and may be dealt with by way of misconduct proceedings.”

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