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Issa Rae Set To Remake Italian Feature Film “Perfect Strangers”

“Insecure” co-creator Issa Rae is set to star in, write and produce a comedy remake which will be an English adaptation of the #PaoloGenovese feature film “Perfetti Sconosciuti.” The story is about a group of friends who come together for a dinner party where they decide to play a game that includes them placing their phones face-up on the table, agreeing to make all texts and phone calls public in an attempt to prove they have nothing to hide.

The original film sparked several remakes in different languages in China, Spain, Greece, Russia, Hungary, France, Korea, and Turkey.

On her reaction,

“I’m really looking forward to bringing this funny and compelling story to a new demographic and could not be happier about partnering with the Spyglass team to make it happen. I loved the original film and think the story will resonate with audiences here as well.”

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