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Celine Dion Returns With Three New songs + World Tour

Céline Dion is celebrating the kickoff to her world tour by releasing three new songs from her upcoming album. Dion dropped “Courage,” “Lying Down” and “Imperfections” from her “Courage” album to be released November 15.

On why she chose “Courage”,

“We all go through a lot of things in life,” Dion said. “Whether it’s losing someone, whether it’s a sickness, something we have to fight, something that life imposes on us.

“And I think I went through a lot. Life had given me the tools to find my inner strength, in a way, to find courage to keep going.

“When I lost René, he wanted me back on stage,” she added. “He wanted to make sure I was still practicing my passion, and I wanted to prove to him that I’m fine. We’re fine, we’re going to be OK. I got this.”


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