Some guys have all the luck…and all the girls! It must be his voice, we think.
Some call him the ladies man, easy to understand – Harrison is fun to be
with, suave and has a voice you never can get enough of. He’ll hypnotize
you on all the issues – politics, tech, the economy, startups, social
issues, music, and, oh yes…love. You might have seen him on TV, or in
some exotic restaurant taking his favourite order of Jollof rice.
Who does that? Movies, docu drama, crime fiction and sci-fi are the
easy way to his heart. Oh, yes – and love! But beware –
one of his favourite quotes is a passage from Joseph Campbell’s
‘The power of Myth’, “All the gods, all the hells, all the heavens
are within you.” Go, Harry, go!
And may the gods be with you!

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